PETER PRESSMAN, MDVice President of Medical Operations

Peter Pressman, MD, MS, FACN is Vice President, Medicine Public Health & Nutrition at The Daedalus Foundation, Alexandria, Virginia, and Director of Medical Operations at PolyScience Consulting in Chatsworth, California. Dr. Pressman has been continuously active in both internal medicine and surgical education, focusing on special topics in nutritional support.

Dr. Pressman is a reviewer for the Journal of Food Science, the Journal of Food & Chemical Toxicology, and serves on the Editorial Board of Toxicology Research and Application.

Through Summer of 2016, Pressman was the Aspire Food Group Visiting Scientist in the Horch Neuroscience Laboratory at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, ME. Dr. Pressman recently submitted a U.S. Provisional Patent (Application No. 62/408,969) involving processes for extracting chitin and chitosan from insect flour, and for preparing both hydrogel and solid forms of the material for use in tissue engineering applications.

Dr. Pressman currently serves on the Food Additive Task Force of the International Special Dietary Foods Industries (ISDFI) along with distinguished scientists representing the European Union and from the Chan School of Public Health, Harvard University. The task force is developing and publishing a science driven framework for the safety assessment of technologically justified food additives during early life.

Dr. Pressman, during his affiliation with The Daedalus Foundation, was instrumental in designing and coordinating healthcare services and product development in support of civil (medical) preparedness, rapid response and daily health requirements of those struggling with natural or manmade disasters. In process now is GeoHealth© a global cloudbased, cell phone enabled system for early detection and tracking of communicable disease blooms such as those associated with Ebola virus, MERS Corona virus, and Zika virus.

At PolyScience Consulting, Dr. Pressman is responsible for provision of clinical medical expertise in the multidisciplinary solution of applied biotechnology and medical nutrition challenges brought by clients. PolyScience is conceived as a center of excellence for medical nutrition, toxicology, integrative medicine, public health, and therapeutics. A focus on advocacy for underserved and imperiled populations both domestically and in the developing world is paramount in client recruitment and project initiatives. Responsibilities include but are not limited to research evaluation, process design, coordination among investigators, public education and outreach, and media relations.

Most recently, Dr. Pressman codeveloped and coinstructed the first of its kind course in global nutrition in the Global Medicine Program at the USC Keck School of Medicine.

Dr. Pressman is a graduate of Bowdoin College, the University of Chicago, and Northwestern University Medical School. He received additional medical training at the University of Wisconsin and Rush Presbyterian St. Lukes Medical Center. After serving as Assistant Professor of Medicine, Director of Educational Programs of the Pacific Center for Health Policy & Ethics, and Associate Director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program, all at University of Southern California/Keck School of Medicine, he attended at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Dr. Pressman, feeling the calling to serve his country as a physician, he was later deployed in the Developing World as a Naval Medical Officer.